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Star Cinema on SKY Pay-per-view brings #ASHLLOYD to the small screen

Star Cinema on SKY Pay-Per-View is bringing romance and action to TV screens from October 28 to November 17, 2017 with the back-to-back feature of John Lloyd Cruz and Sarah Geronimo’s “Finally Found Someone” and Gerald Anderson’s “AWOL.”

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AshLloyd is back in a new movie after four years! John Lloyd Cruz and Sarah Geronimo, whose full name is Sarah Asher Geronimo, are teaming up again to make fans kilig and fall in love with love in “Finally Found Someone.”

Aprilyn Esguerra (Geronimo) goes viral when videos of her crying her heart out after being left at the altar hits the Internet. Her ex-fiancé’s dad, who’s a mayor, hires a public relations consultant after the incident leaves a bad mark on their family’s image. Raffy Sandoval (Cruz) plans to help Aprilyn move on but what he doesn’t plan is them falling in love with each other.

On the other hand, Gerald Anderson plays an elite soldier turned rogue in “AWOL.” AWOL stands for absence without leave and is used to describe soldiers who abandon their duties. In the movie, Anderson’s Lt. Abel Ibarra leaves his post as the leader of an elite sniper group to conduct an investigation on the incident that killed his team and the person behind the attempts on his family.

Subscribe to Star Cinema on SKY PPV from October 28 to November 17 to be able to watch these two emotional movies, unlimited and in high-definition.


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